Available GI Bill Breaking News RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way to distribute and receive breaking information and other web content to your desktop. Instead of having to go back to a website to see what’s new, you can have new information delivered to you automatically. The RSS feeds allow you to receive up-to-the-minute announcements on your computer desktop.

What Is an RSS Reader?

An RSS reader is a small software program that collects and displays RSS feeds. It allows you to scan news from a number of sources in a central location.

Where Can I Get an RSS Reader?

Newer versions of most browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer have built in RSS readers. If you're using a browser that doesn't currently support RSS, there are a variety of RSS readers available on the web; some are free to download and others are available for purchase. Some news readers are programs you download and install on your computer and others are web-based services that you access with your web browser.

How Do I Use RSS Feeds?

The first step is to choose an RSS reader. Each reader has a slightly different way of adding a new feed, also called a "channel." Follow the directions for your reader but, in most cases, here‘s how it works:

To subscribe to an RSS feed, right-click on the desired link above and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" to copy the location URL and then paste it into the appropriate place in your RSS reader. Follow the instructions for your particular news reader. If you are using a browser that has a built-in RSS reader, you just need to click on the link below to read the feeds and follow the instructions in your browser to subscribe to them.